Welcome to Birra+

BIRRA+ was born from the passion of Valerio and since 2009 has been spreading the culture of good beer in the Pigneto, a notorious area of the Roman nightlife..

We have always been trying to grow and improve ourselves offering high quality products. After two years we realized that the bottles were not enough and in Spring 2011 we got 6 taps (spine) and two pumps.


The Birra+ family starts taking shape and the "new way" brings to us Massi, Gabri, Jo; friends and drinking comrades that in different ways live their common obsession for the Cerere drink. Since that moment numerous evenings with great company and round of drinks coming from all places have followed.

In winter 2012 we decided to offer you "strong sensations" and on our shelves you can now find this selection of scotch whisky: bunnhahabain, glenfarclas, bruichladdich, ardbeg ... these are just some of the distilleries that have been warming up the hearts and palates of our clients/patrons/friends.